This is how we eat now…part 1

In my last post I gave some information on Celiac Disease. One of my daughters was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I have been asked many, many times “what is that?”. It seems to me there is a need for more information out there. Almost everyone knows someone that is on a gluten free diet and many people brush off the idea as a fad. For some people that is probably true, but for some people it is a real medical need.

As a small side note there are several different medical reasons to be off of gluten, one of them is Celiac disease which is an immune response to the presence of gluten which is the protein in wheat, rye, barley and oats (among others as well). There are many other reasons, one of them is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

On the very same week that our daughter had her initial diagnosis (based on blood work) I was listening to interviews about gluten on PaleoCon. I saw the link to sign up for this on a site that I follow regularly and honestly I don’t know why I even clicked it, I never, never, never wanted to go on the Paleo Diet, yuck! No dairy, sugar, gluten? at the time I was not interested…but my mind was changed (at least partially). The information about gluten and grain that we got was so timely and so profound that I cannot describe it as being anything less than a spiritual experience. After hearing that wheat has a higher glycemic index than sugar and that rice starch, potato starch, tapioca starch and corn can have an even HIGHER glycemic index than wheat, I was very interested in learning more. I new a little bit of that information, but you know that feeling of “Yeah, I hear what you’re saying, but I am too overwhelmed to really do anything about it”? That’s the attitude I had for a long time, but then I heard this info. again, I don’t know why it made such an impact, but here we are.

So, when I heard that all that high glycemic stuff caused high blood sugar levels and caused inflammation which caused autoimmune issues (that’s putting it in incredibly simplistic terms) something happened in my brain and that was it, we were done with that stuff. I have to do something to try and prevent autoimmune disease from starting and progressing (because that’s what it does, kind of like a snowball, a nasty snowball) in my children.

My mission was to cut out all grain and refined sugar from all of our diets. It seems drastic and it seems like a bit of torture to put my children through. But I had to do something, I don’t know if this will be THE thing that prevents disease in all of my children, but what I have discovered has been life changing. At this very moment my oldest daughter is not complaining about having nothing to eat,  but asking for help to make grain free bread for breakfast…. Ok, full disclosure…there has been some dramatic complaining, but not today, not at this moment.

If you are the least bit interested in learning more about gluten free and grain free living I have a couple places to send you… , this is a diet marketed for weight loss, but we use the recipes and philosophies as a way to a healthier lifestyle all around.

As with pretty much everything these days for every “right way to live” there is a person who contradicts that way, so use your best judgment, listen to your gut (literally) to lead you to the right way for you and your family, it’s not the same for all of us, but I challenge you to do some of this research, there are some things that I certainly didn’t know and that may be life changing for you as well.

I realize I didn’t tell you anything specific about what we are eating now. This is a two part post. There is just too much information to share, next will be how we eat and shop and tips on making it the least stressful process possible.



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